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GEMAG ROTO 3504 - Rotational Molding Powder

GEMAG Roto 3504 is a linear low density polyethylene specifically designed for rotational applications. GEMAG Roto 3504 has good flow, toughness, impact resistance and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).

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All powders are manufactured from prime virgin grades of polymers manufactured by the major polymer producers. All the grades mentioned have been manufactured from polymers that meet the requirements to Indian Standard IS:10146-1982 on "Polyethylene for its safe use in contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and drinking water".

Technical Specifications
(Data shown are average values and should not be used for specification results)





 Material  Prime Virgin Grade  Polyethylene
 Melt Indix 190°C/ I2.16  ASTM D1238  ~4.2 gms./ 10 min


 ASTM D1505

 0.935 gms./ cc

 Vicat Softening Point

 ASTM D1525


 Crystallization Point

 ASTM D2117 


 Heat Deflection Temperature

 ASTM D648 


 Powder Particle Size


 Finer than 450µm

 Tensile Strength at Yield  ASTM D638   14 MPa
 Elongation at Yield  ASTM D638  930%
 ESCR (F-50)
ASTM D 1693
ASTM D 1693
>1000 hrs.
350 hrs.
 Flexural Modulus  ASTM D790  550 MPa
 Izod Impact Strength (Notched)  ASTM D256  144 J/m
 ESCR (100% Igepal)  ASTM D1693  >1,000 hrs F50
 Brittleness Temperature  ASTM D746  < -60°C
 UV Resistance  kLy  500


Black, Sky Blue, Brick, Red and natural  available ex-stock  Custom Colors can be manufactured.

Hot Melt Compounded Colors

All the colors are hot melt compounded in high performance extruders. This ensures a uniform dispersion of pigments and additives in the resin. This enhances the UV stability of the polymer. It also prevents color variation form product to product, pigment migration and pigment wipe off.

Special Grades
GEMAG Roto 3504 can be incorporated with additional properties to suit individual requirments. 

* Anti-Static: Special formulations provide protection against dust pick-up and static generation.Find application in the food industry where hygiene is extremely essential. 

* UV Stabilised:
Special formulations are available for protection against harsh sunlight / UV Light Find application in the outdoor articles in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Product Available form
Powder (GEMAG Roto 3504) - 25 kg. Bag

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